On the ground. On a roof. Solar Energy for you.

On a pole, side or top. To the grid, tied or not.

Need stability and ease of use?

Tamarack Solar will carry you through.

Innovative Panel Mounting Options

Tamarack Solar Products manufactures innovative solar module mounting structures that are designed to install quickly and provide a secure mounting to a pole, the ground, or on a roof or wall.


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Stability and simplicity, no matter the size of your solar PV array

Our innovative solar module racking structures are designed to install quickly and provide secure mounting for modules from nearly all manufacturers.

With pole, roof, and ground mounts for solar panels, the Tamarack line of products has a solution for your grid-tied or off-grid application.

After you have browsed what we have to offer, contact one of our distribution partners. They are solar experts and can assist you with purchasing the right mount for your installation.