Mount panels to Poles and many other vertical surfaces

Tamarack Pole/Wall Mount System

Easy installation and infinite options with Tamarack's full line of vertical-mount solar panel hardware

  • Securely mount to a pole or wall
  • Mount from 1 to 6 solar modules on a single pole
  • Accommodate modules from 10 watts to 300+ watts 
  • Adjustable tilt angle allows for seasonal change to minimize snow loading and maximize energy production

Wall and Pole Mount Options


We produce a variety of mounts addressing the wide range of mounting options in small scale and ad-hoc installation applications


Single Arm

Side of Pole
  • Pole Size:
    2” – 4.5” OD
  • For module widths between 5.26" and 25.5"
  • ❌ Stamped Engineering

Horizontal Bucket

Side of Pole
  • Pole Size:
    2” – 4.5” OD
  • Max Module Area (ft²):
    18.33 (per mounting device)
  • ☑ State of CA Stamped Engineering

Single Row - Portrait

Top of Pole
  • Pole Size: 3" & 4" schedule-40, 3.5OD & 4.5" OD
  • Max Module Area (ft²):
    Varies by module, see corresponding data sheet
  • ☑State of CA Stamped Engineering


Top of Pole
  • Pole Size: 4" or 6" schedule-40 6.625" OD or 4.5" OD
  • Max Module Area (ft²):
    149 on 1 pole
  • ☑ State of CA Stamped Engineering
  • SKU: TTP-A

Why Use Pole Mounted Solar Panels?


Tamarack Side of Pole mounts are the often-imitated, never-duplicated industry standard. For over 25 years we have made, and continually improved upon, these oh-so-helpful and easy-to-install mounts.

Mount: Wall or Side of Pole

These versatile mounts can be installed on a pole or flat surface. They work great for automatic gates, on the sides of shipping containers or buildings, on a pole as a trickle charge to a battery box, in that spot where you need temporary power to run a security camera or light—most anywhere you need a smaller power source. 

Single arm and Side of Pole mounts are made from heavy-duty corrosion-resistant 5000 and 6000 series aluminum. 

Mount: Top of Pole

Tamarack Top of Pole mounts provide a mounting solution for up to 6 large modules. In the world of pole mounts these beauties are the easy to install solution for your off-grid and grid-tied needs. Our newly worked design has simplified installation even more while still providing the stability we are know for. 

Top of Pole mounts come in a variety of options including high wind and snow load varieties. Your cabin deep in the mountains you can’t even access in winter due to snow? We got you. Your grid-tied sunny garden array? Sure thing!

Top of Pole mounts are steel structures, some of them using our innovative rail design.

Ironclad Warranty

10-year warranty on Side of Pole and Top of Pole structures.